Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Father's Blessing

I want to share an experience that we had several years ago. Tom has graduated from West Point and was getting ready to go to Ranger School for the Army. Before he went to Ranger School he had come home and spent a week or so. He left and went back to Georgia. He was there for a couple of days and was getting anxious about Ranger School. It is a very difficult and very few make it thru. Tom really wanted to become a Green Beret (Special Forces) but he needed to become a Army Ranger. He called his father as asked if he could come and give him a Father's Blessing. Grant got an ticket and flew back to Georgia and gave Tom his blessing and then Grant flew back the same day to Reno. I have always admired Grant for doing that. He could hardly walk when he got home. I had tried to get him to stay a couple of days, but knowing Grant he had to get back to work. I was just amazed that he would do that for his son, he could have very easily said Tom couldn't you had gotten your Bishop or Home Teacher to give the blessing, but Grant just jumped on the plane and was glad that he could do that for his son.