Friday, November 21, 2008

I really can't remember much of my childhood. I know that we live in almost every town in Nevada. My father worked road construction and worked for Drum, Dodge, Helms and many more construction companies. I understand that he was pretty good at what he did. If he quit a job he had another one the next day. He was a very hard worker and always provide for us. We never went without food or clothing. We lived in a trailer, the last one was a Spartan. It was 35 ft long and 8 ft wide. We thought that we had died and gone to heaven. My brother and sister and I slept in the same bedroom. There were twin beds, Rick slept in one and Carole and I slept in the other. My mother and father slept in the front room on a hide-a bed. We always had to play outside, so maybe that is why I was a tomboy. I always had little boys that were my friend. I would rather be outside than inside. Besides that there was no room for us to help mom with the dinner. We had to wash and dry the dinner dishes. Carole always picked that time to go to the bathroom. I can remember my mother hated it that we were called transient. It just that we followed my father from job to job.
I remember on place that we lived it was Carson City. I remember that some friends and I were playing in a vacant flied next to the trailer court. When had built a fort and were playing with matches. We started a fire and I ran home and told my mother that I didn't start it. She knew right away that I had something to do with it. I can't remember what happened but I am sure that I got punished for it.

On of my memories when we lived in Fallon and I was going to school at Oaks Park. I had called my mother to come pick me up and she was always late so I started walking home on the old highway by Courtesy Corner. This pick up truck stopped and asked if I wanted a ride, I told him no that my mother wouldn't let me take rides with strangers. He started down the road and then turned around and came after me. I started running and I was crying, this other couples stopped to see what was wrong with me and I told them. The police looked for him but never found him. Needless to say I never walked home again.
My mother always seemed to be late to pick us up. My father always said that she would be late for her own funeral. I cam remember waiting for my mother at the movie theater on main street after everyone had left. I can remember one time saying something to her about it and I remember that she just gunned the car. I guess that I wasn't too diplomatic about it.
We were in the 6th grade when we came to live in Fallon, as my brother was starting High School and my mother wanted us to stay in one school throughout high school. I was a very immature. I was still playing cowboys and Indians with Carole Imelli. Carole lived a fourth of a mile down the road from my grandparents place on the Austin Hwy. We would ride horses. The Imelli's had horses and it was fun to ride in the fields that were around their place. Carole was a couple of years younger that I was. I just remember having so much fun with her and riding horses in the alfalfa fields.
My parents were a little concerned because Carole was a lot more mature than I was. I was always a littler slower in developing that Carole. Which I didn't mind at all.

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