Monday, June 8, 2009

Tom Peacock

I called Tom Peacock in England today. I try to call him every month. He and Lillian lived next door to us in Newton Aycliffe. They were such good neighbors and became very good friends. Lillian passed away on October 21, 2008. Tom misses her so much. They truly had a wonderful relationship. They did everything together and he took such good care of her. She died of Lou Gehrig's disease. We talked for quite away about everything. He told me that Andrew Hancock, the Ward Mission Leader goes to see him about every two weeks. He said the young Elders come every Tuesday night and teach him. He told them that they would never convert him. He always gives them a ride home after the lesson. I think that he really enjoys it and you never know they might do some good. Tom is a very kind person and would do anything for anyone. Grant said if we could pack them up with us when we moved, we would have brought them home to America. Tom has a daughter and daugher-in-law that call him all the time. ( They are Lillian's children by a previous marriage. Tom and Lillian had both been married before and had terrible marriages.) I think that is why Tom and Lillian's marriage was so good. They both appreciated each other and showed it. I can see why Tom would miss her so much.

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